Why does this ALWAYS happen?

Every time I start to like a guy, whom I think is interested in me as well, I always get friend zoned and told "you're cool as shit." If I hear that phrase one more time I'm gonna vomit! Why, if I'm "cool as shit" and they always wanna hang out with me, am I not dating material?


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  • Probably because you treat them like a friend rather than someone you want to be in a relationship with. Try touching them more. And not like a tap on the arm caress them. Trust me you'll stop getting your cool as shit

    • Thanks! I'll definitely keep that in mind! :)


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  • You probably are very datable. Though I'll assume you've probably never asked any of them out correct? Try asking someone out for once, you'll probably be surprised. Unless you have some fairly major flaws that aren't attractive in the first place, there's really no cut off point between friendable and datable for us. Women assign these goofy emotional labels to people in their lives where some are completely untouchable just because. I've pretty much never had a friend that was a girl that I wouldn't date except for the ones that I wouldn't date whether they started as a friend or not.

    • Well the one I was interested in the most out of all these people, I made moves. I flirted, did extra things to show my interest in him. We started out as dating and then he told me that nothing was there and that I was his best friend. He said, specifically, "You are my rock. I need you in my corner at all times. I don't wanna mess that up." Till this day, I still have feelings and he knows this. But he now has a girlfriend and he doesn't speak to me like we used to before he had the girlfriend, which is understandable. But it sucks. We talked all day everyday. I would get the good morning texts at 5:30 every morning. But now, I'm lucky if I hear from him once a month. I tried and tried and he specifically said "You are in my friend zone." I asked him what I did to get that title. He told me nothing stood out to him, in specific. He told me in a phenomenal girl and that he cares for me very much. But just not in the way I want him to. Ugh! I am now rambling and venting. Lol sorry!

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    • Yeah it was. It's just so hard. Cause he is like my best friend.

    • Yeah, the unrequited thing is a real kick in the taint. Especially when they still want you around.

  • So you've been told that exact phrase, word for word, multiple times?

    • Yes!! I'm always "cool as shit". I've been told that by the past three guys who I have been interested in. They may want to hang out, twice sometimes three times a week. I meet up occasionally to catch up but it's nothing serious. But I am always just "cool as shit".

    • That's hilarious, not to be mean, but just because it's so bizarre. Are they contacting each other and agreeing on using the phrase? Has it been a ruse this whole time?

      My first thought is that it doesn't necessarily mean you're being friend-zoned. You could just be a really chill girl, which is a good thing. Also the fact that they still want to hang out with you says a lot. I know that I wouldn't want to string the girl along, so I try to back off to not confuse the girl. If they aren't, there's a pretty good chance things could still develop.

    • Well, they'll ask to hang out but nothing ever gets physical. I get a hug at the end of the night and that's it! I flirt via text and it's like "whoa, calm down killer" if I try. That tells me that I'm friend zoned. But, maybe I'm just looking too far into it.

  • Well you can find a girl cool as shit without being sexually or romantically interested xD it's just bad luck, I guess. Also: how did you know, you were friend zoned? Did you ask them out?

  • maybe its your looks or maybe your personality type if you give off that "just one of the guys" instead of feminine that mite throw you in the friend zone

  • Perhaps what is occurring is a form of exclusion- though I doubt it. Have you done any negative, or possibly deal-breaking actions?

    • Nope! Nothing changes, in my mind. They text/call first, always. I respond whenever they do text/call. And it always starts out as a possible love interest for both of us but it always resorts to me getting friend zoned. I have enough friends! Lol

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