Am I the only one that notices guys seem to not wear wedding rings very often it seems?

Lately it seems I meet a guy, hit it off, flirt and get asked out. Only when I fb him (gotta see if they are crazy), or talk to people he knows find out he is married. But they aren't wearing a ring and it seems ridculous to assume all men are married unless asked. It just seems so frustrating.


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  • Hm, I'm married and I admit I hardly wear the ring but only because it constantly seems to be in the way or in harms way somehow, e. g. if I need to work on the car or motorbike or in the garden it'll easily get scratched or lost. When I'm sleeping I'm worried it'll come off while I'm sleeping and I'll not notice it and lose it. It's gotten to the point that I only wear it now if I go out, but usually I forget because it's not something I think about. Also if I'm concentrating on other things or while I'm working I found I subconsciously play with it and take it off and leave it in places without knowing where I let it - this scares me as I'm afraid to lose it.

    It doesn't mean anything less regarding our marriage.

    • Another thought, my wife recently didn't wear her ring for over a month, as it had to be resized - and I didn't even notice! I think neither of us just think much about rings, it's the furthest thing from my mind when I have real problems to worry about, like earning a living and raising a child and household responsibilities, when I think about it it actually seems a bit childish to me to nitpick over someone not wearing a ring - like someone who's looking for something to complain about in the absence of real problems.

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    • My question was about people that don't wear one and then hit on people. Not people with a reason etc. It's not nit picky and it's not complaining about anything in the absence of a problem. I just have seen this quite a bit lately. If there is no indication through talking with them and no ring there is no reason to assume they are. I just feel that at this point I have to ask a man's name and marital status upon meeting him before I risk getting my hopes up for no reason, as I will not be cheating with them.

    • OK, well, yeah, just ask someone I think. It's not a personal question, I don't think, I think it's fine to ask. Although it might give the impression you like someone, heh


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  • That is very, very sad.

    To me, it means, "I do not lot my wife enough to openly advertise I am married to her. Single ladies, go ahead and hit on me!"

    That type of man, unless he is a welder or machinist, is inviting infidelity.

    • You don't have to be a "welder or machinist" to regularly be running into situations where you need to do some sort of work that endangers a wedding ring - trust me, you just need to own a house (and cars/motorbikes, or garden etc.) And I'm a 'computer nerd'. Hell, even just working in computers can cause damage to a ring. I'm also terrified of losing it, and usually it will happen something like this: I'm wearing the ring, then I need to do some work, grab my tools, then while working I notice the ring is getting bumped and scratched, so I'll take it off and put it down somewhere and carry on working. Half an hour later I can't remember where I left it. I'm a lost-wedding-ring waiting to happen.

      It has nothing to do with 'infidelity', I love my wife a lot and no interest in cheating. It's just impractical somehow.

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    • @"Actually I have known quite a few handymen that never take their rings off."

      My problem is I take it off *subconsciously* whenever I do any sort of work where it feels like it's in the way. It's not that I deliberately say, OK, let me carefully take it off and place it over there. It's that I take it off *without realizing I'm doing it*, which then results in me leaving it somewhere that *I don't remember where*. I lost it so many times around the house already it's not even funny. (Yeah, I have a gold ring.) I'm a busy person, I run a business and take care of family and two houses etc. .. so I'm frequently rushing from one task to the next, and as I get older I more easily forget where I leave things.

    • You can overcome subconscious behavior.

      I used to wear this ring for years:

      I am a welder, a mechanic, an electrician, a plumber, and I repair electronics. There was one situation where the ring got in the way in a tight space, and I simply approached it from another angle.

      Just what kind of ring are you wearing?

  • It's strange to me because if I were married I'd never take the ring off. And I HATE jewelry and all types of accessories, haha!

    Anyway, I think this is one of those things where you just gotta use your best judgment and try to wed through the liars and cheaters. There's not really much else you can do, ya know?

  • I think it's an obsolete, outdated custom. Frankly, rings are uncomfortable, especially if you've never worn them. Obviously many men are taken, just not married. The best you can do is ask.

  • Of course not, it's like walking around like a billboard announcing "Not available."

    • I've heard of quite the opposite actually.

    • So every man is looking to cheat?

    • I think women are sometimes subconsciously more attracted to married men, but I don't know.

  • FB isn't always true. I know a girl who's completely straight but has on there that she's engaged to a girl... sometimes people just like to be funny, so you can't take FB or even GAG too seriously. However, yes, I do realize that a lot of men don't wear rings. I don't know why

    • When you see pics of them with the wifey and kids?

    • Pictures can be off-putting sometimes. Don't always believe them

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  • I honestly never notice wedding rings on anyone. It's just something I don't even think about.

    • So if you are flirting it a guy and he asks you out, you don't look to see if he is married?

    • I generally don't encounter many married people. Maybe it's the kind of people I mostly hang out with, who are less likely to get married.

  • As long as I can remember, my dad ONLY wears his when they go out together in the evening, which admittedly didn't happen often, haha!
    When/if I get married, I'll always wear mine and I'd love it if he did as well.