Girl takes hours to text back! Intentional or not intentional?

I've been on 2 dates with this girl and we have kissed on both. Last time we both said we liked each other but I've noticed that she takes hours to respond or sometimes doesn't respond at all. However, she does text me first sometimes; usually with a picture of something. Is she playing hard to get or am I being too paranoid?


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  • maybe she really doesn't have anything to say, or she is playing hard to get, which I don't know why many girls do that, I mean I'm a girl, duh. But I don't like those games, nor do I like it when a guy does that. If she does like you back she should be straight forward with it. And the text thing is maybe a hard to get move, because it's making you want to talk to her and what not, but if she's doing it intentional, I feel bad for you lol, if it's not intentional then she's just busy with things. If you know her schedule and she's not at all busy, then it's intentional. Good luck!


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  • maybe she has nothing to talk about judging by her sending photos, or she is busy. Probably not intentional most times its not, but it all depends on the convo if its really about nothing important dont worry. Plus as you said you both like each other n all that then just carry on with your day and if she dont answer that day keep calm - she will eventually.


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