How do I pick up the pieces and move on?

You might as well say at this point I have a curse. When you consider the fact that I have attempted to talk to women and ask them out, and they have suddenly stopped talking to me for no apparent reason, and this has occurred so many times that I can generate a list without successful attempts, there must be a problem

I feel like every time though, I am shot down. It is like a wounded person you keep shooting and he gets weaker and more hurt each time.

I have these long conversations that about exchange 200 messages, and then all of a sudden, silence.

And to add, it really must say something when teenagers can manage to be successful and even manage to get laid. What do they, or anyone in this matter, do that brings them success with the opposite sex?


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  • That's part of the game. Maybe you're looking in the wrong places.


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  • I feel the same way, I've never had a boy that had mutual feelings for me EVER... People say to give the nice boys who like me a chance, but I feel like it would be wrong to lead on a boy I have no feelings for, I don't wanna hurt them like I've been hurt myself. So I have to ignore them :(


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  • don't know man. You're clearly not doing something right. 200 messages? Maybe you're taking too long to make your move?