Do I have a chance with this chick is she way too hot?

do i have a chance with this chick is she way too hot? first pic is me 2nd is the girl


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  • how intrusive and creepy is it to post this girls pic like that? even if u meant no harm, think of how you'd feel if someone used ur pic online like that? probably alarmed and creeped out right? well a lot of girls probably would and that's probably why you are doubting ur chances with this girl


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  • well you don't look bad, put a simile on that face would make it better yes you do have a chance and you should take it good luck
    ps. did you get her permission to use that photo, if not then it would be rude and if she found out about this then, well you'd figure out the rest

  • She's pretty stylish (not anything what I'd call out of anybodies league..). So get yourself some nice T-shirts first be confident & smile. And don't post pictures of random girls on the internet.