How much should I call him?

My boyfriend of 2 months is going on a guy's vacation to Miami. We usually call or text a few times a day now but I don't want to be needy and annoy him by calling him too much while he's on vacation. So should I call him as often as usual? Do guys like it or hate it when their gfs call a lot while they're on vacation with their buddies?


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  • I would say not as often as usual. If he's going on a guys vacation, he most likely doesn't want to be bombarded with tons of calls and texts from his girlfriend. I would call or text him twice a day MAX unless he calls or texts you. By doing this your showing him you were thinking about him, you trust him enough to let him have some space, and it shows that your not clingy. And it might help to just let him be the one to get in touch with you once in awhile. If your not constantly trying to get in touch with him, you'll definitely be on his mind and he may even start to call you more!


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  • Don't be 'that girl.' If you nag him the entire time he's gone his buddies and, him will resent you for it. If he doesn't contact you, call or text him around dinner time (where he is if its a different time zone), say "hi how was your day, blah, blah blah, goodbye" then let him have some fun. You can talk at him when he gets back.


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  • I think its a good idea for you to wait for him to call you because he's the one on vacation and I'm sure when he has time he will call. But you could always check in like once during the vacation and tell him that your thinking about him just don't call or text him every single second of every day while he is having fun with his friends.