Does a bad relationship, or situation change someone's sexuality?

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I have a question or statement out of my recent friends I have noticed that. The ones that like the same sex were once in a serious relationship with a different gender for a long time an they get hurt really bad. Later down the road they end up liking the same sex do you guys think that a bad experience with the opposite sex can make some one want to be with the same sex. Thank you guys; I hope no one is offended by my question/statement !


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  • I think cases like that are rare, and usually women, and in those cases it's more about having an emotional connection than a sexual one, although the emotional connection can bring about sexual desire as well. Also in cases like this, it's usually a temporary behavioral change, not a true alteration of orientation.

    Also, most of my LGBT friends/acquaintances (and I have many, mostly gay, only two lesbians) knew they were so long before they ever started having real relationships.


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  • It actually can. No bullshit, i know this guy that dated some girl for a year, and the breakup went pretty bad. Now i found out that she has a girlfriend and went lesbian after her breakup

  • Yes it can.
    Besides genetics, sexuality is also affected by environmental influences, although its less likely at later part of life. Your friend must've been hurt very bad.

    And I don't see how this question can offend someone.

  • I've seen stories on this site of both girls and guys changing their sexuality due to a rape, assault, etc. I find that pretty horrible that can happen


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