Been on 3 dates but now she's too busy to meet up for a bit she says, how worried should I be?

Been chatting with this girl pretty much every day (at least a little) for 2 months, been on 3 dates over the last month. I thought the last went well, we kissed often and had spent most of the night dancing, pressed tight together. She didn't come back to my place but she did wait with me for my train, when her own had come and gone 3 times during those 20 minutes.

We're still talking nearly every day, but there has definitely been a reduction in conversation volume. She's worked a couple 13 hour days she says, and she HAS to catch up on her thesis work which meant she was gone for most of the weekend collecting data/interviewing native American groups (her thesis involves them). She's still flirtatious over messages at times but we just aren't talking much, maybe 2-3 messages a day now versus 15-20+ before date 3.

There's still no definite date 4 plans yet though and it's been a week. Should I be concerned? Or am I just overanalyzing this?


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  • Sounds like she enjoys you too conversations and time, and besides I think she's just busy, don't sweat it. It looks like she has a good head on her shoulders focusing on work and her studies; I wouldn't worry


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  • Sounds like she is busy. She most likely has a lot on her mind.
    Just be patient, maybe talk about when she is finished with her thesis work, you two can do something fun.
    Sounds like she deserves it :)


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  • if ure good looking then dont , if you aren't , then im sorry :(