Am I just a rebound guy or does she really like me?

I've been crushing on my best friend for the longest time and I think she might be starting to crush back. It's either that or she's just using me as her rebound. We went to the movies before she broke up with him and she was holding my hand and there was some touching. Later that night she texted me and said she wanted to kiss me. I asked if I was just her rebound and she said no. Is she just saying that or are we serious


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  • well if you were hanging out before you broke up - i'd say no to being a rebound. perhaps she broke up w/ her bf b/c she likes you. i've had several rebounds and they were mostly randoms that appeared some time after the breakup. good luck to you! :-)

    • She told me they were having problems before they broke up and they were still hanging out after the break up


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  • It might not be a rebound, but I think it would not be a good start either. You guys started while there were issues between them, and if she did broke up with him because of you, there is a chance he would do the same thing for you

  • You said before she broke up with him? Well then no, if she broke up with him and went out with you before hand she probably broke up with him in hopes it was going somewhere with you


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