Do you think it's strange for a man to offer to pay your bills? Why would he?

Like rent, phone, car, cable, etc? I don't understand it at all. Especially since I'm not struggling. It would make me feel really weird and uncomfortable to accept that. I just can't agree to it. Even if he says he wants to take care of me and all that, I'm not a child. I've been fine on my own for years, and we've only been dating for like 6 months. What do you think of this? Am I missing something?


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  • Don't accept it and for you that you felt the way you did. The man could be genuinely kind, but it's never ever free, it's never free. I'll repeat one more time: It's never ever free. You don't want yourself to be at anyone's debt, especially when you'll feel compunction when you cannot give them anything in return, or it turns out you end up being used as a result.

    • Thanks.

    • You're welcome.

    • Agree with this guy. Hell make you feel guilty for taking the money, and use that as leverage to manipulate you.


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  • Yeah. I'd think he was trying to buy me :/

    He's going to expect something in return for that.

  • If you are living together then is logical for both of you to share expenses 50/50. If you aren't living together then is not necessary. He wants to pay something is up to him, without entitlements. I mean is not bad that he wants to help you, in fact is really nice of him but some men feel like they deserve something back after helping out financially. Is your decision. Good luck.