Do I text him first after a hook up when he says text me later?

So I’m at a patio bar late afternoon on Saturday watching UFC after getting off work. There was a guy and his budding sitting behind me. we definitely were attracted but both too shy to say anything. After at least an hour and a few more beers he says something casual to get my attention. We end up talking for a couple hours and we keep casually drinking. Not trashed but we had been pacing ourselves over 4 hours. We joked about how neither one of us made a move in the beginning because we were both shy about it. Great conversation, easy flowing, physical attraction and alcohol equals swimming sex, bed sex, and morning sex. All of it was good. He slept at place until about 730am. He left perfectly. No awkwardness……EXCEPT as he was leaving my bedroom he said “Text me later”

Who makes initial contact after this hookup. Did he just put it in my ballpark or do I wait for him?

So then this is potentially more than a hookup? As in he probably wants to see me again? Or was he just being nice as he walked out. And I should I give him a chance to chase a little? You guys like that right!


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  • We are guys so we don't say one thing and mean another. If he said "text me later" he means he wants you to text him later.
    Also, most guys hate the chase.


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  • lmao, he told you to text him later, you ladies over think everything
    Just text him and wait for his reply lol


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  • Yes. If you are interested in meeting up again then text him text him up. If someone asks you to text them then go for it.