When did you know you were in love with your bf/gf?

When did you know? After dating for how long? Did you say it? Who said it first?


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  • i dont know, never had one so i dont know whats it like to be loved by a person :)


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  • He knew before I did but I said it first. I knew two weeks into our relationship, we spent like 7 hours a day together though. I remember about a year ago he showed me an old Facebook message from a week after we started dating, he had messaged one of his friends and had been going on and on about how he thought he was in love with me. :3 It was really cute.
    We were together for three and a half years.

    • Awe that's so sweet. I've been with my bf for a year and a half and neither one of us has said it

    • Why not? Do you love each other?

    • Thanks for most helpful! (:

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  • During our first fight. One month in. We both said it. We both cried.


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  • He said it first. Like two weeks in or something. I don't remember when I said it but I do remember telling him he didn't love me because it was too soon and that he shouldn't say it but he insisted he did.