Girls make eye contact with me but don't smile? Is that a good sign or bad?

Usually from many dating advice websites I read that girls smile when they make eye contact with you in order to let you know they like you.

Is this the case or is that total rubbish? I get a lot of girls looking at me but not smiling so I'm not sure if they want me to approach them or not.

It seems like some people are confusing the question.

The problem is that girls make eye contact with me but do not smile or anything. What I want to know is if I should take that as a sign to approach them or not.


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  • Total rubbish. I'm too shy to smile I barely force myself to glance over.


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  • Dont approach at first smile back and watch their reaction then go from there. They maybe looking past you or think they may know you or just thinking. You want to make sure they are interested first and a smile is a good sign.


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  • I don't think I have ever imagined it to be a bad thing when a girl smiles and makes eye contact... Lest of course she is the she-devil, but many guys don't mind such a punishment, that's why they date such high maintenance women to begin with.

    Approach her at your own risk. =)