Guys... Your reaction to girl having herpes?

I am just curious guys and girls.. If you were talking to someone and you liked the person.. so expecting sex in the future.. how would you react if they told you that they have genital herpes? and would you rather know or not know as long as the person took precautions?

ok.. to know or not know was not really the main question.. sorry.. how would you react is what i would like to know..


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  • Leave. There's really no other option. I don't want herpes

    I suppose if I thought I was going to be with that person for the rest of my life, I'd stay though. Alternately if science finds a cure or a vaccination for it, then I'd stay.

    Its not really the herpes that scares me. With medications and what not most people break out, but its not like a sever awful thin gall the time. Its the fact that everyone is scared of herpes that scares me. If that makes any sense... Like... it just renders you undate-able. I almost wish EVERYONE would just somehow contract herpes right now so we don't have to worry about it anymore.


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  • I'd run away, herpes is a life long infection and though outbreaks become less and less severe and frequent over time, I wouldn't want to expose myself to the infection.

  • I would definitely want to know, not to mention you can get into a lot of trouble for withholding information like that.


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  • IF you have a contagious life lasting disease YOU ARE REQUIRED BY LAW to inform people whom you may spread it to via intimacy.

    There are many people who have herpes. Some men and women did not contract it through consensual sex. Herpes can be contracted through eating from an infected person, kissing/being kissed by an infected person, and/or rape.

    Many men/women contract oral herpes and herpes of the eye as infants/babies from being kissed by infected adults.