My boss/friend invited me to go camping with his fiancé and him and suggested asking my female friend to come with?

We have been friends for some time, and have been going on "dates" every Friday after work. We are really close. I'm pretty sure she has feelings for me, but we haven't had "the talk" yet. My boss has a 4 year old daughter, and so does my friend. I think it would be a great opportunity for us to spend some time together, and her to have a little break, and to spend time around another couple. Do you guys think she would go?

+She has told me she likes camping but it's been a while for her.


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  • Yeah it sounds fun. Ask her


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  • depending how well you know the girl it may be her in the daughter, 4 years by themselves, would NOT happen if it was me, like to go camping. you know more about the relationships. 3 tents is a great idea GOOD LUCK


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  • sure it sounds like a great opportunity if i was you id totally ask her

    • I was thinking could have 3 tents. One for the kids, one for my boss and his girl, and one for us :)

    • sounds good just make sure the kids dont play doctors and nurses in the tent lol

    • 4 years old, both girls, shouldn't be a problem.

      The adults might play doctor though :P