Should I go out with this guy I met online?

I met this guy online randomly (not on a dating app/website) and he asked to take me out to dinner. I had no intentions of meeting anyone online ever, just wanted to chat. But anyway we exchanged pics (I didn't want to at first but he kept persisting) and after he saw my pic he gave me all kinds of compliments, and said he really wanted to take me out. Honestly it's very tempting because he seems really sweet and his picture looks good too, but part of me feels like he just wants to get in my pants and that's not what I'm looking for. Should I meet him? Never met anyone online before.


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  • Don't meet him, you have no idea what his behaviour's like in the real world so you're going to end up misconstruing your familiarity with his writing rather than his underlying intentions. You're supposed to meet people before giving out information, that's how you could tease out their motivations and beliefs from their body language. I wouldn't trust him, flat out.


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  • Dont meet him yet. Learn about him. get more info.


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  • Okay so I've been in your shoes. So what I did was, I always had a friend with me. No matter what. If it was just meet up, eat dinner, watch movie, or just hang out. If it's your first meet. NEVER EVER go alone. #girlcode

    • Actually the first couple meets don't go alone. Just in case.

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    • Any pointers to how you can tell when you're still online? :P

    • Some of the things he says. Like "I can't wait to see what you're gonna wear" or "I can't wait to see you ;)" winky faces usually means sex.

  • nope don't do this if you think that he just wanna get into your pants