How to date with a guy 10 years older than me? Pls help!?

Met in tinder, had five hour together in a pub drinking, talking was really a nice time and he seems like me as he kissed me in the pub and on the way back home. We kissed and rolling on the grass in the midnight and he wanted to have sex and asked me to go back to his home but I rejected him.. Second morning he asked me whether wanna meet him again and he said he want to. But he doesn't talk so muh and didn't contact me in two days, so I contacted him by messages and he replied short and didn't reply finally, I called him once and he didn't pic up but then called back said sorry was busy and asked me to go to his home.. But finally because something he needed to help his friend so we coundt make it. We keep kind of contact but he didn't log in tinder so oftenly and has being one day without log in.. His an IT man with ten more years work exp.. Mature enough. He doesn't like type so long or.. Just short am brief. What can I do? I really like his mature and personality but I am 24.. Almost ten years younger than him.. Can I just call him directly or message or just wait him to contact me? Do I need to have sex w him if he wants to or.. by the way my sex is good, just not sure whether he will leave after sex or? Pls help me analyze his behavior.. Whether he has any feeling for me and why he replied so short and brief? What should I do thanks!


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  • people here say. "Tinder = Sex" so if you don't sex, no attraction. after sex, no atttaction. the chances you find romeo on Tinder are low

    • Yeah actually he just deleted tinder.. so he is kind of person that doesn't like tinder so much. Well.. I don't know what should I do..

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    • just wait till he goes for you again. if he ended contact with him knowing you like him, he will appear (but only if he wants more)

    • Ok I see. Thanks:)

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  • if your scared of him leaving after sex, make him wait and his true intentions will be more apparent

    • But now so many things and feelings start from sex.. I mean I am good at sex.. At least few guys said that. And I don't think a 33 years old engineerer really will be affected that much by a girl he met only one time.. I even don't know when will he contact me.. He just deleted tinder and I asked him why he unmatched me he said he feel tired of Tinder. But we have linkedin and phone number.. Just I feel he is kind of slow and doesn't care that much and he is mature enough and we just met once.. :(

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  • Any guys who wants/expects THAT fast is looking for ONE thing.

    • Ask drinking all guys want sex I think.. I rejected him by telling him if you do this now I will not meet u again from Tmr.. So he stopped.. But he didn't contact me so much.. Face to face talking was really good but he is an IT man.. I don't know whether it's just his character or he has none interests to me.. And what can I do..

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    • You're very sweet, thank you so much for appreciating the advice I've given :) I try my best to come on here and check in so we can check in with each other from time to time.

    • Thanks so much:) I just feel can't focus on studying and I can't focus on doing anything. I just wanna see him so much. I know is stupid but I don't have any idea how to overcome it?