Does it seem like he's putting her before me?

Before our relationship became official he used to hook up with one of his friends. She loves him and was really hurt when she found out he was going to be with someone else. He spent a lot of time trying to cheer her up and he doesn't post very many pictures of us together because he doesn't want his friend to be hurt/upset. Some of his friends barely know about me, but most of them know about her. He even kissed her a few months into our relationship in front of all his friends, he didn't even try to hide it! It's like he shows her off but not me. I know he cares about me more cause he's dating me but why does he do this?


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  • It doesn't matter if he cares about you or how much he tells you he loves you if he does this. I hear the same "oh but he loves me" on Jerry Springer when women are being beaten and cheated on. You need to ask yourself if you have high enough opinion and self respect to avoid being a doormat. Some people think that's all they're worth, but you do have a choice.


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  • he needs to take a step back from that girl because 1) he's messing with your head 2) he's messing with her head by leading her on. sounds like a dickhead to me.


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  • Wait…so he's trying to "cheer up" a girl he used to fuck because she's upset he's not with her? To the point where he kissed her while with you?

    I'm surprised you're still with him. That shit wouldn't fly with me.