Is this a good thing or bad thing?

Okay so well me & my guy friend have been more then friends for a while and the other day we got onto the topic of relationships. Why talking about that he said 'see this is why I don't bother because I know my eyes can wonder and what's the point if your not a 100% on it.' Basically saying about how he won't commit unless he's certain about someone a 100%. He then began to agree with everything I was saying relationship wise. (At first I took this as a bad sign.)

And then in another conversation he said 'slowly going up in my estimations you are.' Basically meaning I'm more then what he expected me to be. Could I be changing his mind? I'm like 98% sure he likes me.

We've been texting everyday for the last 3 weeks. Even when he was out with the boys on a night out I told him to have fun and that'd I see him the next day (he invited me over) yet still spent the night messaging me and before he finally passed out said goodnight and sent a bunch of kisses. He remembered my birthday and favourite flowers while playing a game!

We're also planning to hang out soon. He tells me about his life ect. It's kinda like we are already together just without the title or commitment.


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  • Are you hooking up?

    • We have been but for the last year. But this month we haven't done nothing except for fun over the phone.

    • I would say it's a fairly good casual relationship.

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