Should I continue to date a man who lied about his age?

Met this guy online. He said he was 28 but he seemed mature so I gave him my phone number. I'm 5 years older. We ended up going on a couple of dates and hit it off. After the first 3 days he confesses he's not 28 but 35. This kind of throws me off because I'm actually happy to hear he's older than me but I told him how my last relationship started off with lies. I also asked why he would lie about something so stupid because if a man can lie about small things then what about other things. He said he was looking for a younger woman claiming that they are more likely to want children rather than a woman in her 30s. I still find the lie and the reason for the lie kind of weird. He said he just found me really attractive and really likes me and doesn't want this lie to stop me from talking to him. Should I forget about this lie and continue to date him if I like him or is this lie a huge Red Flag?


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  • Honestly no, a relationship based on lies will never be stable and you will never be able to trust him.

    Id leave while the leaving is good. Age is a stupid thing to lie about, his reason for lying is even worse.

    To quote Monty Python: "RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!!!"


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  • IMHO a strong relationship must be built on the foundations of trust. this small little lie could honestly be a hit or miss for your future and the only way to find out would be to continue on in a relationship with this guy but that's also time you will have to invest and it is high risk but high reward. go with your gut feeling on this one cause you never know.

  • this would be a huge red flag!

    ultimately the decision is yours but starting a relationship on a lie as basic and simple as age is a major problem in my opinion. it seems to me that he is willing to fudge the truth to suit his needs and who knows what else he'd be willing to bend the truth about


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  • Wow that's crazy, a similar situation happened to me. I met a guy and he said he was 25, after a few dates he confessed and said he was actually 28 and told me he was scared to tell me his real age because upon meeting me I looked a lot younger than 24. My thing is it was a huge red flag, we dated for a bit but ended up breaking up, he was keeping so much more from me. It starts with little things, but when the bigger things come to light you start to question yourself on why you didn't call it quits when it was so easy for him to lie in the beginning. Enter into a relationship where both people are honest, not just one.