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I am a weird case bad luck. Growing up I had anxiety and stress and had to be put on medication to neutral out my emotions and what not- however it came with a terrible side affect- weight gain. I didn't realize how heavy I got. When I realized what was happening I talked to my doctor about getting off the medication and I worked so hard to get the weight off. I am relatively toned and get told I am very beautiful. I am confident other than taking my clothes off. No one really knows I have this issue because I am very petite and toned now. I am funny polite friendly and respectful and social, if you saw a beautiful girl and hit it off would you hesitate and maybe not date her because of her stretch marks? I have some eveywhere. Not bad ones but they are there. I went from being tiny to not so tiny and then back again, if anything it shows my determination to be healthy and fit, right? I worked my ass off! Thanks in advance


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  • Alright, I had the SAME problem. although my weight gain was due to a PTSD medication. seemed like it took FOREVER to get the weight off and I still have to work at it constantly because the medication really messed with my body. Anyway... My current boyfriend is phenomenal... I not only have stretch marks but i have scars from my past as well... and taking off clothes was absolutely degrading to me. i was confident in clothes, but outside of them, i felt like an ant.

    After we started dating and it came up, I was up front and honest with my boyfriend. At that point he already knew about my past and stuff. but he was EXTREMELY gracious with me. he never got mad, or forced me or told me to get over it. it takes a lot of time and patients and someone to really give you that confidence.
    If you take anything away from reading this, at least remember this:
    If he really cares about you, it won't matter to him. If he makes a big deal about it, pressures you or anything, walk away from him, you've worked hard to get where you're at and if he's going to treat you like that, you deserve a lot better than him.


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  • I would not let the stretch marks bother me at all. Good job losing all the weight.

  • Streach marks wouldn't bother me in the slightest honestly, some guys even get them!


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