What would you think of a girl with this profile? Would you date her?

- 24 years old
- Never had a boyfriend
- 5'5", slim, long brown hair, Asian, not perfect teeth
- Currently in a masters program
- Generally quite nice and friendly to everyone
- Goes out partying very rarely, but still likes to have fun
- Can be shy at first


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  • I have no idea. What are you studying? What is your idea of having fun? What are your hobbies and passions. Those things are more important than the level of your education or the fact that you don't party often.

    • Don't want to answer those questions huh?

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    • I'll add that sort of caring, passive, down for whatever personality can fit some men really well. It does have it charm at times, but it's not my cup of tea personally. The science is a nice things, but being indecisive about what you really like and having no real passion is a hard thing for me to personally get into.

    • pathetic... I feel dirty even getting a best answer from you.

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  • I'd certainly be interested enough to give it a try. :-)

  • Honestly, you sound like an average Asian girl. One that is born from w/e Asian country you're from. There are plenty of Asian women out there in relationships and hell of a lot more non-asian men that love you Asian women right now. I would say work on your confidence and self-esteem. Please do not describe yourself and then say "her", I do not want to bust you out but it screams low self-esteem to me.

    • I'm sorry I have a low self-esteem :(

    • Step one:
      Stop apologizing all the time for no reason.

  • It really depends on what she looks like and what she's like in person if you ask me. It's great that she's probably smart though!

  • I'll take anyone, I'm desperate as hell!!

  • I might give them a chance.


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