How do you get a second date?

What do you say at the end of the first one?

How long do you wait to call? What do you say, and how long do you talk?


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  • just say that you had a great time and we should do it again. I don't like the stereotypical 3 day rule. I find it stupid. If you like the person, text them the next day or that night. It will give her instant butterflies. As far as how long, you can kinda tell when someone is getting tired of the conversation. Just say goodbye if you don't want to talk anymore. I hate when guys just end it by not replying back


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  • If you find yourself wanting a second date, be clear. Just as men say "we're not mind readers", well neither are women. If were into you and you tell us "Id love to take you out again sometime", don't wait forever to text/call. If you do it within the same night, that's serious brownie points! Just don't be too over the top. You don't wanna scare us. Lol but I think you should know in the moment how things are progressing (or not progressing). If you wanna ask this chick out on a second date, there is no set time limit on when you can do that. Trust you're instincts with this. If you're gut is telling you it's the right thing to do, take that leap of faith and run with it!

  • Only if it is true, tell her you enjoyed her and you would like to see her again. Hopefully she will call you first to make plans but if she is shy, it doesn't matter when you call.. but we won't wait around forever:) and if you just think of some questions to ask about her... you won't need to worry about talking very much:)


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