Would you go out with a cross dresser? m-f, share clothes and do each others make up etc?

I'm a cross dresser male to female and would love to meet a girl who wouldn't mind and would like to dress up with me.


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  • I have a secret fetish for it. No idea why. The BBC version of The Taming of the Shrew opened a new avenue for me that I haven't forgotten. Plus, I Love anime's like Kurage Hime and Maria Holic. XD Mana-sama from Japan is like a doll! Though I admittedly prefer when a guy can dress convincingly. Its not a must. As for sharing clothes, I'm game. Except if you stretch it, you replace it and my bras/panties are off limits. I acknowledge its a weird fetish, but why should I care about someone else's opinion? They aren't living my life for me.

    • I like to think I dress convincingly! I am slim so that helps ;)

    • Yeah that does help. Big muscled guys can't get away with wearing a dress so well. XD


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  • cool i would like to

  • sorry sweetie no. But hey, I'm sure there are girls out there that would dig that. I'm just not one of them.


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