Girl randomly started ignoring me - should I call her out on it?

I went out with this girl a couple times. I thought we had great chemistry (it was my best first date ever), and she returned my affection (kissed me, put her arm around me when we were walking, etc). I thought things were going well enough that I could see us going exclusive.

We've been texting and her texts started to come a bit slower. And when I'd talk about going on another date, she'd redirect or have an excuse. Finally, she just started ignoring me. I don't really understand why - I wasn't clingy or pushy, and I can't imagine I said or did anything to offend or upset her. We were talking normally before I asked about the next date.

Should I call her out on it? If she's not interested, she needs to be a mature woman and tell me. If she met someone else or thinks I'm ugly or hates me, she should just say so and I'll move on. But I think it's very disrespectful to just ignore someone.

What do you think?


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  • I think you should bring it up. Call it out might not be the right wording. You dont want to vomeup to her being defensive. Just casually say hey its been a while since I heard from you. What happened? Or tell her you thought things were going good with you two.

    Just be aware that the answer you get might not be good. She could say oh I've been habing family problems and that she would still like to be with you etc.

    Orr. She could say she met someone, or maybe even heard a rumor that made her feel you werent right for her. Dont "call her out" rather confront her. Its fair to both of you you deserve to know and she needs to have the balls to tell you.


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  • I say you do the same thing. The fact that she did it first does not mean she does it the best. Calling her out on it is considered childish. PULLING HER ASIDE to talk about it is something different. If she started ignoring you and gave you a completely illogical excuse why, then I say you do the same thing. Cut her off, If she says hi, say hi back and keep it stepping with your own two feet ^_^

  • A similar thing happened to me. You should call her out on i, i totally agree with your reasoning

    • That sucks. Guys should NEVER do that to a girl.

    • I dont understand why you think a guy doesn't have the right to know just because the girl doesn't want to feel bad telling him. Id rather a guy talk to me than assume.

  • Same happened to me. It has been almost three weeks... I like him... and don't know what to do either... now I just do nothing and keep
    Myself busy... I don't know what to say to u... Sorry...

    • Yeah this seems to be a trend. People think it's easier to just say nothing and hope the other person gets the hint.

      But it's very rude and disrespectful.

    • most people don't want to confront the situation... just let it be and move on...

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  • Call her out on it, worst case she keeps ignoring you worst case you get an answer