Online dating: we talked for a few days, she asked for my Facebook and then stopped responding. Wtf?

So I've been chatting to this girl on a dating website, which proceeds to her asking for my Facebook details. Naturally I give it to her straight away. The next day I check FB and see that there are no new friend requests. I message her back asking if she's got the right person/name but I get no response?

What gives? Why ask for my Facebook and then not add me. Why also stop responding?


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  • is your FB private? if not she had access to your fb and maybe saw something she didn't like or something that turned her away from you. IF you do have it private and there's nothing she could see unless she was your friend then I would agree thats weird. Did she give you her FB? Maybe try added her.


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  • Not trying to be mean, but was this the first time she sees your picture? If so, she might've not been physically attracted to you. Again, not being mean, just being truthful.

    • No the picture on my Facebook profile is the same as the dating website so it's not that.

    • Ok well then that's a good thing! Was something said that could've pissed her off or turned her off? Did she think things were moving too fast so she just stopped talking all together?

  • She say something she didn't like on it obviously.


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  • Either she's busy or lost interest.