I've been in love with her for years, how do I get her to fall for me?

I've been patient with her, and eventually she said she loved me as well, but we had a falling out due to distance and time. My heart still aches for her, so how can I warm her up to at least dating? She normally doesn't date or let people in. The other healthiest plan is to just shut her out.

  • close it off
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  • keep being best friends and such
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  • keep aiming cupids bow and hope for it
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  • If you're in love with her, then being friends isn't really an option. It just hurts. I'd say just state your intentions and take it slow. Let her decide the timeframe. Either she will be open to it, or she won't but at least you won't be in limbo...


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  • You have to act more aggressive and possessive. Try to get her attention, and she'll eventually notice you, at least as a friend, well that could progress...

  • You can't make a girl fall for you, and that's the hardest thing to let sink in. Sorry..


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