How many black or latina women like or ever been with a white guy?

I know black and latina guys go after white women, how many black or latina ladies would like to go out with a white guy?


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  • Okay,
    I have dated a white guy 2 years ago, and in my experience he was sweet with gentlemen qualities. The reason I talked about him as an individual is because, I'm not going to generalize him as an example for ALL white men. I would certainly date another one, but he'd have to fit the same personality mold as my previous boyfriend, I won't date any vanilla dude just for the sake of dating one. Not to mention the many factors that come into play. Racists joke are okay with me, however there is a limit. In addition to it would be nice if he was more educated about "black hair", and didn't feel the need to treat me like a fluffy new creature at the local petting zoo. Oh and one more thing I love having (healthy) curves, and a majority of Caucasian men love petite woman, so that would be another barrier.


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  • I always wanted to date a white guy. It's just some white guys that I find honestly attractive. I'm not saying I have a preference on race or anything, but I just can't help who I'm attracted to :p

  • I like white guys I am half Spanish.


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