My boyfriend is suddenly giving me limited access to his Facebook profile?

I know this probably sounds immature but lately my boyfriend has his privacy settings set so I have limited access to his Facebook profile. He's got his profile picture set so I can't view or comment on it or anything. I'm not the person to go overboard with cutesy romantic posts and I've never done anything more than like a status so I don't know why he'd do this. We haven't been together that long (three months). My suspicion is that he hasn't told his family about me yet and they're all on his Facebook so he's worried they'll find out about me through something like a comment or post. Am I overreacting or should I just let it slide?

It's only his most recent profile picture that I can't access. I can still post on his wall and see all his other albums.


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  • Comeon, really? I will give you this advise, always ALWAYS follow your GUT over everything else, its usually right! If it isn't obvious already... he is hiding the new girl from you and you from her...

    Now here is the kicker, if you confront him you will automatically push him towards HER, if you don't then he will go towards her, because she is the new meat and more interesting.

    Crazy eh? But there is something else you can do, which will make him come to you like a puppy dog :)


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  • Yep he has something on the side... or either that he's flirting or posting sexual comments to other women, is what i'd suspect.


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  • He's hiding something lol

  • He would not be doing this if he was not hiding something or hiding you