Does being too nice to girls send the wrong signal?

There was a girl I used to/still kinda crushing on. I crushed on her because she was nice to me, smiled alot, and occasionally touched my hands or thighs in friendly love. I figured if I was myself (open minded nice person in general) and took in interest in her likings, then maybe I could create some kind of connection between us.

The more I spoke to her, the more I found out about her. She loved to watch/listen to Korean pop music and idolized the singers. They weren't really special to me, but I bothered to memorized their names to make her happy. She also liked watching male Asian gay p*rn. I would normally be repulsed by it by I watched tons of gay p*rn with her to make her happy.

Throughout that time, she never showed more interest in me than just loving my company as a friend. Heck, she officially called me her best friend. I don't have a problem being her best friend, but I had feelings for her. I put my own choices and likes aside, but for what? To have horrible memories about watching gay p*rn and reading her erotic stories about male korean pop idols fucking...

I feel abused. I'm in love with my best friend and can't leave her. I confessed my love to her. She rejected me and told me to stay. She said no one else did the things I do for her, but she just can't see me as her bf.

Did I do something wrong throughout the way or was she never attracted to me romantically to begin with?

  • If the girl makes you watch gay p*rn, that's friendship.
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  • She probably was never romantically attracted to you.
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  • She wanted a friend and saw one in you. Be happy.
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  • A moment of silence for our brother in the friendzone.
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  • There's other girls out there who won't make you watch male Asian gay p*rn :)
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  • Ditch the bitch. You actually sat there and watched gay Asian p*rn with her. That's about as clear a sign as possible she was not into you. If she was interested in you she would not watch p*rn she would be fucking you. But for her to reject you and insist you stay and "do things" for her is insulting. She's not your best friend, she is a girl you love who does not love you back.


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  • i most cases guys are not so nice, I mean it. They are mostly mean (in my case). The part of making watch you p*rn kinda threw me off guard. If a girl likes you, she won't talk about something like that! let alone make you watch. That's my opinion but maybe she is different. Don't worry though! there are plenty of girls out there. I know it's easy said than done but try to get over it. :/ I know am bad at advise but I tried x

  • i had a problem like that. i have a friend who everyone knows and he is so nice. i started to like him and he found out. he was so nice that when i kept telling him things that i didn't tell my best friends and he didn't like them or felt weird by them he didn't tell. he didn't like me but he didn't tell. that how nice he was but i found out he told other people and he made me cry even though i liked him. i thought he was the one but when i heard him say i was obsesed i had it. i couldnt take it but to this day i dont know if we are friends anymore even though he knows every kid i have liked and hewas or is my friend and he knows more about me then any other person i have things to. he made me cry smile and he made me crazy but it was all because he was so nice that i thought he liked me and i started to like him but i guess i was wrong. to this day i still think back on what i did and ask myself why. i never really understood why but i knew that i wouldn't ever forget that time in my life. so what im trying to say is that people will be crazy or weird but they may not be romantically attracted to you.

  • You don't compromise what you want to make somebody like you. They have to know at the very beginning what you like and what you don't like - what is important to you in life and what is not.

  • sometimes you can get friendzoned depening on the girl

  • Don't do anything you don't want to do. If she pulls away, you're done. If she doesn't, maybe you can be something more. Maintain your dignity. Would you watch gay p*rn and that stuff for a friend you didn't like romantically? I wouldn't.


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  • I feel bad for you, it happened to me too... But when I confessed that I liked her more than just friendship she never really spoke to me again. That sucks but girls are like that. They prefer guys who date a lot, are outgoing, I don't understand