Is this true? just wondering?

is it true that threes someone out there for everyone. but i kinda find that hard to believe. If so should i just wait until i meet her or keep trying because if that's true i don't really matter if i get out much i should be able to find her with out even having to look


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  • I'm not sure, but I would definitely want it to be true.
    It's probably not the best idea to just sit around and let her come to you.
    Rather, you should be trying to be your best self, get involved with your passions and live life! I think doing this will attract that special someone.
    Sometimes, when you're looking too hard, you may be looking in all the wrong places. And sometimes, love comes when you least expect it.
    Instead of just waiting for her to find you, I recommend keeping an open mind about girls (because that one girl you turned down might have been the girl you've been dreaming of, but you lost your chance to find out).


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  • Yea I mean if you like someone peruse them. If you are serious about finding the one don't try so hard. Wait until you really like someone to date them

  • I think in time everyone finds the right person, but its how you treat them. If you treat them right and love them like they are for you and you feel the same way then what the hell, they are for you. Lol


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  • I sometimes have the same question. People always tell me I dont try and I dont meet new people. But I do and it never works out... I feel there are times that I am destined to live this world alone and I would rather not...

    • dude your not alone my hole life i felt that way 17 years :'( but i hope it starts to look better

    • Together alone?

    • lol ya