Anyone knows how Croatian guys are in general when dating them?

I'm talking to a Croatian guy (Canadian born) and things are slowly advancing, however, the rumor goes that after a while Croatian guys become controlling and abusive. I'd appreciate any first hand experiences or if even of a friend you know.



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  • Lol my boyfriend is ridiculously chilled out. He was born in Croatia but grew up here in Australia. I've met his family and all the men are lovely.

    • Lol that's awesome! You should see what Google says about them! They make them sound worse than guys from the stone ages!

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    • I'm from Middle East and the Middle Eastern men are just.. something else. I can't imagine Croatians being half as bad as Middle Eastern men even if they were super traditional : lol

    • Haha I'm from Sri Lanka and the men there are primitive too :P


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  • There's really nothing I can say about them in generall. I've known and still know a lot of people from Croatia (like really a lot), because tons of people from the former Yugoslavian countries live where I've grown up. They can be like anything, really.

  • I don't know what they are like. You're just going yo have to wait and see. If he turns out to be a bad one leave him.

  • It isn't the case for my co worker. He loves and dotes on his spouse and child