What attracts girls?

What quantities of a man attracts girls? Physical? Personality? Talents or hobbies?


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  • If he is not too ugly, girls generally accept it.
    The most important one is self confidence. He must achieve somethings by himself without any fear. If he is funny it is preferrable. He must be succesfull at something, may be he has a good voice or he is an great artist. Or he is a nerd who has really high grades! Self-confidence is the key my friend.
    Also personally i like deep toned voices but it may not be that important to other girls.

    • This is utterly untrue for most girls. What have under-20s with bad grades and a thuggish attitude achieved besides becoming a young parent? This is harsh but true at least in the UK.


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  • Confidence+Humor=biggest quality

  • Self confidence is No1. If she recognize you as such, you'll have no problems. And yeah - humor is needed as well. Girl likes guy which could make her laugh. If you have some talents, show it to her after hooking up, don't try to impress before.