Is my boyfriend clingy or could I be wrong?

My boyfriend of 6 weeks always keeps initiating conversation and wanting to meet up with me. He texts me things like that he wants me, that he dreams about me etc.

If I don't come online on whatsapp for a few hours, he sends me a text message.

He sent me a text today saying he wants me and when I asked in what way, he replied 'in every way'.

Whenever I tell him I can't hang out on a particular day, I feel like he has a bit of an attitude and doesn't reply for a few hours.

On our last date, he told me he didn't like that the bartender was talking to me (and referred to me as his 'girlfriend') and added that he should have a talk with him.

Is my boyfriend being clingy or could I be wrong?


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  • You're dealing with an insecure clingy jealous type. If he's a controlling type too, he could be a real pain in the butt. A decent guy is going to look at other guys finding you attractive as both a compliment and as an implied challenge. Not as an actual challenge to his status as your guy. The effect should be that he gets an ego bump because after all, you chose to be with him, and that he minds what he's doing to make sure you keep choosing to be with him. He won't feel threatened though. Jealous types aren't worth your time.


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  • he sounds clingy fosho. maybe a little insecure even since it seems like he's trying to keep you all for himself and keep other guys off you.

  • He could be... but it could be a lot worse. He's obviously making an effort to be be somewhat less clingy around you. LIke he's not demanding your time and whatnot, know what I mean?

  • The bartender thing should raise some alarms. Sounds like possessive controlling behavior. It has only been 6 weeks. Beware.


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