Is it really wrong to be really picky?

As a guy who has never had a girlfriend, my standards are high. Now I don't expect to date a model, but I want to date a woman I am physically attracted to. Also, her personality has to be good as well. I don't want to date a woman who is a b****. I won't date a woman I am not physically attracted to ever. Just because I haven't dated doesn't mean I will settle. Is it wrong to be picky?


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  • No, it isn't wrong to be picky. Everyone have their own preferencea but aslong as you're realistic with it.

    I remember hearing about this girl breaking up with her boyfriend after catching him with his legs on top of a table while watching TV. That was a total deal breaker for her. Also,, the same woman breaking up with another man because he was eating while watching TV on the couch.

    • Uh... I'm at a loss for words lol.

    • Now if you wouldn't date people over things like that in which you guys can work out on, then there's a major problem with you.

    • Lmao, anyone would be loss of words there lol

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  • Not picky get what u want

  • That doesn't sound picky yet. You are picky when you start making a really unrealistic, long list about unrealistic attributes girl MUST have.

  • no its not wrong at all why settle if your not happy


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  • I'd say it's not wrong to be picky. But would be wrong to be picky and then complain that there's 'no good women out there (that's willing to go out with you)'.