Do you think that speaking my mind landed me with a proper jerk title?

I got divorced about a year ago. Since then I've been "getting around". I met this girl. She seemed great. But I kind of snapped on her after she told me she didn't want me going to the movies with my brother and a friend from work, who is a guy btw. She said she didn't want me going out without her and it's not right that she couldn't go and I still wanted to. So as mean as I could I told her that I WILL go out with my friends whenever I want. And that she needs to back the f*** off because I will not be in another controlling relationship. She said I was a jerk. Was just wondering if I went about that all wrong. Do you girls think I was a jerk?

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  • She was being selfish for not wanting you to go, because she could't. Lol You were going to the movie not the strip club. It's good to have a boys night out and giving space in a relationship. She shouldn't get mad.


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  • You were right for standing up for yourself but you didn't have to say it that way it seems like this brought up feelings you had from a past relationship and you took it out on her. When you enter a new relationship that person is not your previous partner, you each have to learn each other, what pushes your buttons, and what you will tolerate. If this was something that keeps happening and you sound like a broken record talking about how you feel, then it would be appropriate to say fuck off lol.

  • She sounds like a crazy bitch

    • RIGHT!!! I mean I just got my friendships back after losing them to a controlling wife. Why would I want to jump right back into another control freaks arms... THANKS! I feel tons better.

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    • The best part is. We've been on 1 date and have only been talking 2 weeks. I figured she gave me an out. I'm taking it. Lol

    • Not my place to tell you what I think you should do but I would do the same thing if I was in your shoes.

  • If you act like that you will scare women off.

    • That wasn't the whole conversation. That was just the gist of it. The entire conversation later around 30 minutes. But I wasn't going to put all of it. I started off calm and was talking very politely. But its when she said... And I quote..."I don't want you going anywhere unless I'm there with you." That's when I started getting snarky.

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  • It sounds like SHE'S trying to control YOU.