What do guys and girls usually like to look forward in the opposite sex when dating that person?

Do you typically look for physical attractiveness?
Look more for personality than looks?
Women only: look for how much money they make?
Men only: look to see if you would bang her or not?


Most Helpful Girl

  • i do look at physical attractiveness, but it definitely isn't the deciding factor. inside traits and their personality are more of what i'm looking for. i don't really care how much money they have/make or their material possessions. i want someone thats going to make me happy.


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What Guys Said 2

  • as you grow older you care more about the personality than the looks, and sometimes you are attracted to a girl in a physical way and sometimes in a romantic way, there are women that you think of them "yeah I will bang her" and there are women that you think of them "I wish she was my girlfriend".
    of curse the looks matters, but at the end you want to be with a girl that you can talk to and you can enjoy with, not only to have sex with.

  • Physical attraction is a must but isn't anywhere near being the most important factor. There's plenty of beautiful women who I with a ten foot pole due to their personalities.


What Girls Said 1

  • This is weird and I think I'm a bit immature but, I mostly look for if we "connect", if I get butterflies and thrilled just talking to him.