Girls, how can I become a better kisser?

Girls, how can I become a better kisser?


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  • 1. She is most likely to want you to lead, so go slow at first. This allows for you both to get used to how you both want to kiss.
    2. Don't place your whole mouth over hers - huge turn off, you need to lock your lips with hers.
    3. It isn't all one action; be sure that you aren't just moving your lips while touching hers.
    4. Gently suck on her lower lip, as you pull away, don't tug her lip too hard, but make it enough so she feels it. Also pulling it too hard is bad, you should only just grip it, when you pull you should feel her lip gently slip away.
    5. I have had many boyfriends who have opened there mouth too wide, especially when doing tongue. Keep your mouth half way shut, but enough to fit your tongue and her tongue.
    6. Do tongue slowly - if you feel like speeding up you can, but don't tongue her fast at first as you will come across as a dehydrated dog lapping at a bowl of water.

  • Whatever you do don't slobber! At all! And be playful. It makes it more fun.


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