How to ask him what we are?

I met this guy through an online dating service about two months ago. We've clicked well and been on a few dates. He lives about an hour away so I don't get to see him often and these past two weeks he's been preparing to take the bar. I like him but I feel like I'm in a waiting game. He texts me everyday or snapchats me. I used to get excited but now I'm mad because I feel like he's playing with me. How do I ask him what he wants without seeming needy or crazy.


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  • All you have to do is ask him directly and rationally; refrain from being emotional about the issue. I recommend you talk either in person or over the phone (no text) and say something like "we've been seeing each other for two months now and I just wanted your opinion on how you would like to see this situation progress". When you ask in this manner you open up a dialog and as he answers you can ask more probing questions to see what exactly on his mind. Remember, the answers you are seeking lie squarely with that man, you could write a million blog posts, receive two million pieces of advice, but end up being just as confused as you were in the beginning.

    ASK HIM!


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  • You can't, lol. Don't you know the rules? The first one who asks the other out loses. I'm being serious here.

    • But then how would you ever date?

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    • True... well one thing is for sure, as long as the person is happy with their decision, everything should be alright.

    • That's the problem. Those key words like "wisdom", "love" and "happy", I'm actually defining these words in a manner where nobody can refute my notion. Both wisdom and love aren't emotions and they aren't bestowed on a person, they're nomological features of reality which we participate with. Happiness on the other hand, that's one word I haven't finished developing, but my suspicion is, it's an extension of wisdom. I'd say the whole date-game crap doesn't pertain to wisdom, it pertains to who's the biggest jerkoff, who can talk about the most crap or the least. So on. I won't do that during dates, I'll test a person's intellect.

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  • I know how you feel.. Im in that same situation