Am I a dateable girl and what can I do to make guys comfortable enough to approach?

So I am a reserved girl. Used to be bubbly and outgoing when I was younger. However things happened in my life and now I am quite shy. Which is hard for me with men.

I am fun once I get comfy around a guy I am more confident and outspoken. I am a caring person and I adore kids.

I am a mix. of english, jamaican, welsh, American and portugese. Iam attracted to european guys mostly as I have become less interested in black. males due to bad experiences but thats not to rule all. of them. out.

I want a long term. relationship. I am a virgin so I need someone who is a bit patient and. not. looking for a. fling. Just incase you guys think. i am trying to meet someone on here. I am not lol. Just want to. know what a guy would make of a virgin lady.

I have studied a lot and I enjoy singing , reading, watching tv, using. internet. Nights out and. time with family.

In the next 4 years I would. like to have my own house, car and. family and. a great job. Right now I would like to date someone and see if there's a future.


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  • Definitely dateable! :)

    Make sure u give eye contact, smile, and flirt with the guys you're interested in. This is KEY to signals to guys that the odds of u rejecting them is low, so odds are higher he will ask u out! :)

    • Thanks prof :) yeah I need to show more interest I agree. Glad you do not think I am after a guys money lol. For some reason one member got that from my above details. I somehow think some guys on here use the site to vent their frustration with lack of luck with women.

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    • Thanks for most helpful. :)

    • No problem :)


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  • Smile at him, wink him, hold eye contact for about 2sec, last sec smiling.. Most guys are much to insecure to approach girls, even if they get a shitload of signs. You need to learn holding eye contact. It's easy to practice that. If you're on the street or wherever, there's a lot of people you won't see again in your life, so you don't have to feel weird about looking in their eyes. Try to make eye contact with them, and FORCE yourself to hold it for as long as possible. Until he looks away. It's weird at first, but actually fun :) Then you won't have any problems to look at boys for 2-3 seconds, then some might understand it better..
    Wink is like THE sign what every guy gets, but you might feel to "offensive" sending that. Up to you.

  • you have to approach the guy you want your not considered "date-able" if you expect the guy to do everything, plus a lot of guys dont want to have a girl who wants kids, and you dont need a guy to have a house or car, seems like your looking for a guy for money or personal gain, we are not for that, perhaps your date-able but your not girlfriend/wife material in the long run (sorry if i seem mean but im not trying to be)

    • She said in 4 years she wants to have HER OWN house and car, not she wants a man with money.

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    • I have approached guys so no I do not think they should do it all. Its funny your the only one who managed to find a reason to call me a goldigger. Total venter aren't you

    • In the next 4 years I would. like to have my own house, car and. family and. a great job. Right now I would like to date someone and see if there's a future. My own? Not a guy get it now

  • You sound like an amazing girl.

    • Thanks its funny how you did not think I was after a guy for money and too ugly to be loved got that from what I said above which is totally untrue

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    • Go for the guy that's a little nervous talking to you.

    • Ok then :)

  • U don't need to be super outgoing. Just open and put yourself in situations to meet a guy. From your pic you look cute enough. The virgin thing is a plus. Just be open when the time comes. You'll be fine.

    • Oh ok then. Thank. you for answering :) is it thats cool then. Did not want guys thinking. i am. fridget

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  • i think your really pretty for sure :),. just be yourself that will attract the guys you likke,... im in the same boat i love white British men, hope one would fancey me lol