To girls, what are things you remember most about your boyfriend/exs? ie; holding hands?

I want to build better memories.


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  • With my last boyfriend I miss:

    - Cuddling up in bed with the TV on watching movies and falling asleep about 10 minutes in lol.
    - Going out for meals and both looking through the menu and ordering the same thing we always order - bacon and cheese burgers.
    - Having major debates over the X Files myth arc (we are a bit geeky)
    - Having yet more major debates about who had the best WWF record back in the day (even geekier)
    - I miss tripping over his heater in the middle of the night going to the bathroom because he never moved it regardless of how many times I told him I was going to break his neck.

    I just miss him saying he loved me :) <3


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  • -the way he kissed me
    -the way he said he loved me
    -the way he used to sick up to me after an argument
    -the way he always let me win an argument every time
    -always held my hand when driving even though it was a manual car
    -would always manage to kiss me at a red light
    -would rub my tummy when I had pains
    -would always initiate kisses and cuddles
    -having pillow fights

  • It's the simple and thoughtful things that a guys does that mean the most. I've never had a boyfriend but what I remember the most is when a guy a like invited me over for dinner with his family and we played a game I had never played before and we had a lot of fun. A few months later he got me the same game for my graduation, with a hand written card that expressed how much he has enjoyed getting to know me.
    I would suggest doing something simple, but sweet that reflects one of your favorite memories with her.

  • The way he would always do something sweet like write me notes and stick then In my locker being the first one to text me in the morning and night him ignoring girls that try to flirt with him

  • his clothes, his attitude, his personality, his smile, his ambition, his eye brows, his nose, his cheeks turning pink in the sunlight, his vulnerability around me, his love letters

  • - After I have a nightmare or when I'm feeling sad, my boyfriend makes up these ridiculous sci-fi stories that are so interesting that I forget what i was worried about in the first place.
    - Late night Skype chats about everything yet nothing
    - Having him be the first person who says good morning to me. And him the first person i say good morning to.
    -Playing in the kitchen --Baking a cake, cooking spagetti, or being naughty chefs on the kitchen floor.
    -Debating about anime and manga
    -Beating his a** in a fighting game
    -Making out in the library
    -Hugging me from behind

  • Holding my hand, laying his head in my lap while watching a movie, looking into my eyes when telling me he loves me, making sure to kiss me before leaving or when arriving home. The list could go on forever.

  • Holding hands, Not oogling at hot girls when we are in public, making me feel im the only one he is looking at, telling me im gorgeous and he. is lucky to have me, opening doors, basically putting me first.

  • Being dorky in public (:

  • I love the simple things.
    I remember one moment, I was in my boyfriend's apartment (now ex, of course) and he came up behind me, grabbed me, brushed my hair away from my ear, said "Mine" calmly and kissed my neck holding me tightly.
    Nothing super special, but just something that STILL makes me warm all over to think about.

  • - lying down in bed together; cuddling and kissing.
    - sexual behaviour
    - looking into eachother's eyes.
    - taking pictures
    - going out e. g; town, dinner, his/yours house.
    - being comfortable with one another.
    - visit places.


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  • If that really hot girl from my college were to say something, she'd probably say "how he used to say thanks".

    Um... If my ex were here, she'd say that "he's too logical".