Guys, will u behave weird when u really like a girl?

Guys, Will u behave wired when u really like a girl?


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  • I don't know what you mean by wired but i do act kind of shy around her. I do it without realizing it until later hahah.

    • why shy? afraid of she doesn't like u?

    • I'm sorry, I just curious. What is the difference of the behavior when guys are with a girl they just want to sleep with and the girl they really like?

    • I'm naturally shy i guess. That's always on my mind when around her.

      If they like you they'll respect you enough to not touch you inappropriately and they'll be willing to wait for sex. It's actually very hard to try and differentiate the both.


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  • I have a complex towards girls who interact with me, I get a crush on them and I'm just coming to terms with it. This has caused me great pain.

  • Weird you mean? And yes, i'm really shy and awkward around girls I like if we haven't spoken much to begin with.

  • Yeah I will. It's kinda a problem.

    • well... u r too young though.

    • No comment. Jk. I know I am but i think it it funny the little quirks that you will see when your friend talks to someone he likes.

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