Why does he always want to talk?

I've made it clear to my bf of 1.5 years that I'm not interested in casual dating anymore and I want something that has a future. And he doesn't want this and he acknowledges that he can't give me this. But at the same time, he won't let me go and he won't end things.

We've gotten into a bad cycle of me expressing I want more of a commitment from him and him saying he doesn't want that right now, and we talk about this a lot and nothing ever gets done.

I know he's not happy with this because I get frustrated with this situation and I take it out on him.

I've told him so many times that we need to go our own separate ways but we never do.

If he doesn't want the same thing then why won't he let me go?


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  • He's like an old friend now and you are comfortable together. So long as you aren't involved with someone else... he'll want to li have your company. Maybe up to you to break things off!

    • I've tried to break things off but he won't. I just don't understand why he won't let go if he doesn't want the same thing.

    • He wants you at least Asa friend, no doubt

    • thanks for MH, Anonymous!

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  • He doesn't want to let u go. He loves you its pretty clear but is afraid of commitment. Ask him why. Its best if you end all ties, he's just going to put your hopes up and you dont need that


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