Would Women who are active and Do a lot of activities ever accept a guy who is Physically disabled?

Many women are into workingout or running or being outdoorsy and traveling or being active and doing stuff. Hiking and stuff. I've seen this a lot in Dating profiles online.

What if the guy you met was Phsycially disabled and can barely walk but he's a great personality and nice.

Would you immediately reject him just because he can't join you in your Active life passion?


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  • I'm that type of girl I'm always outdoors and stuff and if I were to meet a guy who was nice and had a great personality then I wouldn't care if he was physically disable I would still get to know him and hang withh him even if it means just watching tv and even if he was I would also try to find outdoorsy stuff for both me and him like taking a walk or going in a boating or anything like that


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  • No, you compromise, find ways in which he is able to join me and I would cut down on how much I went out, not a problem

  • Yes of coarse


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