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i am an abused girl of 25 age whose brother beats her up oftenly. I belong to a broken family. Sometimes he hits me with a belt, with an iron rod, often kicks, punches, slaps and chokes. He even dislocated my jaw few months back. There is a guy who is my colleague in college. I told him a lot about myself and my sufferings. He often tells me I am innocent, simple and kind hearted. I have also observed him giving me care i. e. i had a toe fracture and my stick fell from stairs in college. He was in corridor and he rushed towards me as he thought I had fallen. Then I was ill he called to ask about my health. Also said to me that if I want he can speak with my father to take me to hospital if no one does. And lastly, he gives me secret glances, when I am not looking at him. Once I looked towards him and he turned his eyes away. Does he like me?


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  • While it MAY be that he's just a good friend who is concerned about you, I suspect that it goes a little deeper than that, and that he does like you, yes.


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  • Possibly. He could just want to be a really good friend. It could go somewhere.