How to get a guy to ask me out?

I'm 18, and have been to an all girl's school all my life so I don't really have many guy friends. However, a few weeks ago after I graduated, I got included into a group of people with guys (yay!) lol but I don't get approached by a guy unless I talk to him first and then later he will sometime (rarely) come talk to me. The only people that have asked me out are weird stalker people and I haven't gone out with even one decent guy :/ This one guy would stare at me from time to time (like literally for a full minute straight) and then he would just look away and down at the floor and he seemed sad? Or this other guy would touch my feet with his and say "All girls who play (specific sport that only I do) are hot/I want to marry a girl who plays that sport" aaand he said that right in front of me and other people which made me feel awkward and I didn't know how to respond so I didn't say anything hahah I try to talk with some guys and I get to know a little bit about them and they seem interested but they don't ask me out? I've been scouted to work at abercrombie as well as hollister so I guess I'm not that bad looking lol but yeah... how do I get them to feel more comfortable around me enough to ask me out? Thanks :)


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  • You have to flirt,
    guys are usually dumb and if you don't give him clues that you're interested,
    then he may be too scared to make a move (especially if you're pretty!)
    so, yeah, flirt more while texting, try some wink faces ;) & "what would you do if we dated" situation questions...
    if you do this for some time and he hasn't tried to hang out or anything, then move on.
    P. S. make sure it doesn't get too sexual before you actually go out on a date, or else
    he'll just see you as a girl he can hook up with

    • Guy's aren't dumb. They're just not psychic. They can't just look at the back of a girls head and be like "Oh, she's so into me!". But yeah other than that I completely agree with you.


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  • Try saying "Hey, would you like to get a cup of coffee with me sometime this week?"

    • i don't drink coffee haha

    • Ice cream?
      Frozen yoghurt?
      Arcade games at the local beer brewery?
      You get the idea ;)

  • Make the guy a sammich.


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  • Well if you really want a guy to ask you out you have to do a few things. First, find a guy that kind of or all the way matches your personality. Second, Try getting to know him. Be nice to him and act like a friend to him but don't let him notice that you like him and don't get too clingy or obsessive. Third, if you think there might be a chance of him saying yes ask him out. Also don't get too upset if he says no and try staying his friend so he knows you still care about him. Never give up hope and just keep trying. Hope this helps you. Good luck.

  • Be like "hey man, let's hang sometime" I don't know that's what I always say and if they seem interested then yay:) but if not I'll be like "or jk, i'm too busy anyways" haha

  • Just be yourself and become better friends with the guy. Also, if you're interested, don't be afraid to ask him first, just because you're a girl doesn't mean you can't make the first move :)