Why do women say im ugly and reject me if they do say yes they cheat n use me for what I have and tell no girl will ever want me all I want is a wife?

It hurts no girl wants me cause im ugly i just want a wife n kids


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  • Tell me this. Where are you meeting these girls? Are they all in close proximity of where you live? I'm not saying that is the problem but what I am saying is maybe you could benefit from changing up the places that you meet these girls get some variety.

    Also, I've told this story on a similar question but here goes, in high school (and late middle school actually) I had the biggest crush on a guy that all my friends thought was a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 but I didn't care because he was funny, intelligent, insightful, responsible, goal oriented, and he had really strong calf muscles. I was into him because his personality resonated with me, not because he was a Tyson Beckford look alike. Some girls want Tyson Beckford, some girls just want someone to snuggle with and be there for them and build a family with. You obviously have not met that girl yet, BUT THEY'RE OUT THERE. If you change your surrounding a little bit, maybe cut off a friend of 2, you may just run into one when you least expect it.

    Why are you at max 24 thinking about a wife and kids? Everyone is different I guess, I don't plan on being married till AT LEAST 30. I want to enjoy my 20s, maybe even half or more of my 30s before I start poppin out children like a pez dispenser.

    Hope I was on some help to you, blessings to you good sir.


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  • It's the girls, not you. You don't look ugly, you're just ending up/ going for shallow, immature girls. You'll find someone. Maybe try dating a girl you wouldn't usually go for or looking somewhere you wouldn't normally look for a girl? The ones you're finding are obviously not working.
    And try and be confident and happy with yourself. Good girls love a confident guy (don't get cocky or act like an ass, just be proud of what you got). You have to love yourself before someone else can really fall for you.


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  • I'd 100% agree with what plato said.

    good riddance to girls who make superficial judgments about you. reflect on the girls you approach and maybe consider approaching different types of women. those who seem more interested you as a person rather than basing their feelings entirely on looks. And if a person tells someone they are ugly, they are in fact the one who is ugly (on the inside) for not realizing that they are being incredibly inconsiderate

  • If I were you, I'd have nothing but gratitude to these women, because they're literally getting rid of their own superficial asses out. What you want is someone who isn't shallow, so by going through forests of shallow people, it is a matter of time before you find one that has substance.

    • One again, I agree with this guy. Plus if it helps any; you are not ugly.