Boyfriend started crying. Why did he do that?

I've been seeing this one guy for the past 6 weeks now. He is really great and we've been hanging out several times a week.

He was only meant to be here for a year because he was studying for his masters. He is originally from another country. However, before we got serious he told me that he had applied to some jobs here and that if he couldn't get a job he wouldn't be able to stay.

Anyway, yesterday at his place I brought up this topic and told him that I was scared to get too attached to him and then find out he would be leaving.

The minute I said this he burst into tears and he was inconsolable, which then made me cry. He said that what I was saying was right. I hugged him and told him not to be sad and felt his tear drop on my back.

He then later on went on to cry throughout the night for 2 hours or so. I went to the toilet once and as I got back I saw that he was standing next to the window crying.

He started saying things like that I was the best thing that had happened to him in a long time and that girls like me are hard to find.

I tried to make him think about other things and said that we should watch a film. He was showing me some things on his laptop and I saw that he had a photo saved of me.

At the end of the night, as I was about to leave his eyes were red and watery.

Why was he crying? Was it because I'm serious to him and he really liked me? I've never experiened a guy crying in front of me and of course, I don't find it bad at all. I was just surprised.


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  • He probably cried for a lot of reasons put in to one giant problem. first off he would have to leave here and that probably has him stressed out, his scholastic study's are probably stressing him out, pressure from his home is stressing him out, the search for work is stressing him out, the thought of leaving you is stressing him out because he cares about you and wants you in his life. honestly he is stretched in so many different things and all of them stress him out. So when you think about all the stress he has right now building up odds are he was bound to pop eventually. I'm surprised he didn't pop sooner.

    • the only thing you can do is to Just take care of him and try your best to help him out or cheer him up. Understand that he is stressed and try your best that's all anyone can do. I hope my words have helped give incite as to what is happening and can help you deal with him a bit. I wish both you and him luck.


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  • Because he's very upset at the prospect of having to leave you. He obviously cares about you and doesn't want to lose you.

  • Jesus man, to be getting this emotional after six weeks would send red flags to me. It sounds to me as though he's gotten too attached too quickly and that never seems like a good thing.


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  • He either really loves you and doesn't want to leave, or he's putting an act on for a green card :)

    • We're both European and don't live in the States

    • Yeah, but you can still marry to extend your visa - in the UK you would most likely have to be legally responsible for him too, I was only teasing you anyway, I'm sure he isn't doing that.

  • He is scared of losin u dear... Plus he is scared that u won't b with him, if he left ur city in case he didn't get d job. If u r planning a long term, relationship with him, let him know as it will help him get relaxed n mayb he won't cry.

  • I think he's really in love with you

  • He doesn't want to lose you. Sounds like he's in deep love.