Why does he take hours/days to reply?

I have recently been speaking to a guy and he has asked me out on a date when he comes home from work in a couple of weeks. (He works away from home.)

He says the nicest of things to me, calls me gorgeous and tells me he can't wait to treat me like a princess etc. However when I reply to his messages on whatsapp he takes hours or even longer than a day to reply. I know he has read my messages and I know he is online for quite a while sometimes.

Is he playing games with me?


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  • You guys are the most over reacting people ever, i wake up at 6am to work from 9am to 7:30pm. How many hours do i have to chat? and its irritating because guys who actually are busy, whatever the reason may be, fully get left hanging by girls.. At any rate, when you want to get in touch with a person.. you CALL them, not little text messages or whatever :L

    • He works away on a boat where he gets no signal so impossible to call. He uses whatsapp because he gets wifi. I can see he's online for a few hours straight sometimes and I know he's speaking to other people. So I don't think I'm over reacting all that much haha :-)


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  • He might not be playing games, could be extremely busy at the moment? I often hold off until I can give someone a proper response than one that is short and not worth it

  • believe me... take your step... and leave him
    please believe me.


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  • Totally not worth it. I'm going through this now. Get out while you can.

  • That shit annoys the hell out of me. I usually just ignore permanently :).