I am chicken to do basically anything in my relationship is there a way to overcome this?

We have been dating for four months now and i'm still scared to even put my hand on her butt when we hug. I am very nervous to try anything new cause I don't want her to feel uncomfortable or make it seem like i'm a creeper or anything like that. Please help me.


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  • Just go for it. If she doesn't like it then she'll move your hand away. If she really wants you to she'll try nudging your arm their or move your hand their period. Try new thing you never know how you'll feel if you do it or how she'll react if you don't do it. She could be hopping you do every time if she keeps hugging you so many times. and trying to get you to be I don't know the wording I feel like say aroused but I doubt that's the saying for what I want. Any way if she does little things that you think is inappropriate and you say I feel like this is inappropriate to you to do that because u don't what to be like oh I do like that then she's trying to get you into her hoping you'll do something.


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  • Have you guys kissed? How much have you done? There's nothing wrong with a slow paced relationship. Getting comfortable and feeling each other out is all part of the experience. I personally have one of the most slow paced relationships I've ever heard of.

    • We have kissed and made out many times with tongue and without, I have put my hand on her butt man times and she likes it, I have also put my hands on her boobs not all the way, like half way down and she likes that too. I'm not chicken to do that.

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    • Then there's no problem. Just take your time. If you want to try and do something you can ask her and then do it if she says yes. Ask it in a pretty sensual way too to create anticipation. Basically, you can take if slow and then when you're ready to do something then you can do it. No need to rush.

    • Ok, thanks.

  • It's a habit of practice, the first few times will be hard. You can overcome a lot of anxiety through doing a jog or a run before hand and use the adrenaline rush for up to a few hours, but you have to overcome your anxiety.

  • you need some booze in you son. helps break down that barrier.